"Baoluo" employees "dance"! Chongqing Iron and Steel No.6 Continuous Casting Line welcomes 5 intelligent robots


Baoluo is the abbreviation of BAO Robot, a Chinese Baowu robot. Chen Derong, secretary of Baowu Party Committee and chairman of the board of directors of Baowu, put forward that to improve employees' income, reduce their workload, and let employees enjoy a better life of "three haves" should not stay in words. So China Baowu put forward the "Ten Thousand Treasures" plan, which set off a boom in large-scale application of robots. Among them, Chongqing Iron and Steel No. 6 continuous caster has successfully put the whole process intelligent robot into use, welcoming five "Baoluo" employees: the slide cylinder replacement robot of continuous caster, the covering agent sorting robot of continuous caster, the multi-functional intelligent steel casting robot and two automatic billet inkjet printers.
The traditional steelmaking and continuous casting production line has a bad working environment, high temperature, thermal radiation, steel spatter, high temperature flue gas, staggered equipment layout, etc., which has caused harm to the physical and mental health of front-line employees, safe operation, etc. Now, with the "Baoluo" employees taking the job instead of manual operation, Chongqing Iron and Steel has accelerated the promotion of intelligent and unmanned projects, focusing on solving the shortcomings in 3D post improvement, labor efficiency improvement, etc.
These five full process intelligent robots, through a large number of intelligent sensing devices and systems on the site, combined with the continuous casting production process, monitor the running status of the system in real time, and automatically complete the production operations to achieve visual operation; Relieve high-risk operations such as disassembling and assembling large package sliding plate oil cylinder, changing long nozzle, measuring temperature, sampling, etc., reduce the dependence on operators in the production process, achieve the production goal of unmanned production site and zero safety risk, and achieve lightweight operations; Realize the standardized quality management of continuous casting process, eliminate the uncertain factors in the production process to the greatest extent, improve the stability of production, and realize the standardization of operation.
Robot for replacing slide plate oil cylinder of continuous caster
The domestic advanced laser 3D vision technology is used to lock the space position of the big bag slide plate oil cylinder in real time, automatically complete the grab and disassembly of the slide plate oil cylinder of the continuous casting machine, and completely change the current situation of the manual operation of the slide plate oil cylinder replacement of the continuous casting machine and the medium pipe pulling and plugging.
Continuous casting machine covering agent sorting robot
Capture the position of the automatic covering agent bag, use the grab tool hand to automatically complete the transfer of the covering agent bag from the silo to the hopper, fully automatic sorting and transfer functions, freeing the on-site labor force.
Multi functional intelligent steel casting robot
Using the domestic leading integrated multi-function intelligent steel casting solution, through 3D laser positioning technology, combined with robot trajectory processing software and identification algorithm, the key operation points of the ladle are automatically identified, realizing five functions of the continuous caster, including automatically adding covering agent, disassembling/reinstalling the ladle long nozzle, automatically cleaning the bowl of the long nozzle, automatically adding the seal ring of the long nozzle, and automatically measuring the temperature and sampling of molten steel in the tundish, The intellectualization of steel casting platform is realized.
Automatic spray printing robot for casting blank
The measuring probe on the industrial robot arm is used to complete the detection and positioning of the continuous casting slab, automatically clean the oxide slag on the section of the continuous casting slab, and then spray the product identification on the side of the continuous casting slab with the spray gun on the arm, which is efficient and fast.
The application of advanced robot technology has greatly improved the automation level of the continuous casting platform, ensured that the operators are far away from the high-temperature liquid metal danger area, greatly reduced the safety risk, ensured the safe and reliable operation of the continuous casting machine, and steadily improved the quality of the slab, which has laid a solid support and guarantee for the stable production and high-quality development of Chongqing Iron and Steel Wisdom Manufacturing. (Chen Xin, Li Bo)