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Zhang Yao

Have you ever encountered situations where shoppers are helpless, such as "signing for goods is regarded as confirming that the quality of goods is qualified" and "the operator has the right of unilateral interpretation or final interpretation"?
On March 15, the Provisions of the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues Concerning the Application of Law in the Trial of Internet Consumption Dispute Cases (I) (hereinafter referred to as the Provisions) will be formally implemented. The Provisions pointed out that many common unfair and unreasonable standard clauses in practice would be deemed invalid according to law.
Among them, the Regulations put forward new requirements for online live broadcast of goods, specifying that platform operators should bear the liability for compensation for false publicity of staff, and that the sales subject should reach a level sufficient to enable consumers to distinguish, otherwise consumers have the right to claim that the operator of live broadcast room should bear the responsibility of the seller of commercial products. The Regulations also clearly stipulate the self operating responsibility of the live broadcast marketing platform, the pre payment responsibility when the real information of the live broadcast room operator cannot be provided, the joint liability for failing to fulfill the food business qualification review obligation, and the joint liability when knowing or should know the illegal act.
For a while, it has brought confusion to the merchants who are carrying out live wine delivery and the wine enterprises that plan to test water. What should we do in the future?
Is the beverage industry suitable for live delivery?
As of December 2021, the utilization rate of instant messaging, online video and short video users in China will reach 97.5%, 94.5% and 90.5% respectively, and the user scale will reach 1.007 billion, 975 million and 934 million respectively. The live delivery mode of online live broadcast selling goods or services can not only display goods intuitively, but also interact in real time, providing consumers with a new consumption experience, which is popular among all parties in the market.
As early as two years ago, many people proposed "Is the beverage industry suitable for live delivery?"? The answers are different.
The answer of Liu Fei, the founder of Guxiaojiu, is suitable; Liu Xu, the chairman of Yimai Liquor, believes that as an innovative exploration under the new retail model, live streaming with goods has more vitality than the traditional O2O model. Some netizens said that many people built their own brands by taking goods with them live, but most of them failed because of the financial burden.
Practice has proved that the visual impact of live broadcast is more suitable for sales transformation and immediate realization. Therefore, live broadcast with goods can test and expand in the wine industry at an obvious speed. In particular, since 2020, liquor has become a track of high concern in the industry. Not only have many famous brands entered, but also regional brands and new brands have set foot in it. Data shows that from January to March 2022, the sales volume of Baijiu live broadcast with goods will reach 3.18 billion yuan, accounting for 70.8% of the total liquor category; There are 436 live studios with daily sales of millions, and more than 1000 short videos with goods of 10000 yuan.