Does the medical trash can need a lid? What are the disadvantages


The revenue of Baijiu in Anhui Province will be 35 billion yuan in 2021! According to the market research, the sales of Anhui liquor in Anhui market exceeded 23 billion yuan (consumer side), accounting for about 66% of the overall market volume, while the famous liquors of Mao, Wu, Jian, Lu, Yang and Fen accounted for 22%, and other brands only accounted for 14%. Anhui liquor still has a stable position in the market of Baijiu liquor.
At the same time, along with the industry trend, the development of "sauce wine craze" and "fragrance craze" has also had an impact on the Baijiu liquor market. In the context of consumption upgrading, the national famous liquor and sauce wine continue to impact the Anhui market. What impact will it have on the future development of Anhui liquor? What is the impact of the changes in production capacity, product layout, brand publicity, channel operation and other aspects of the head liquor enterprises of Huizhou Liquor on the internal pattern of Huizhou Liquor? According to the current situation of Baijiu liquor market, combined with the existing information, the author analyzed the development trend of Baijiu liquor market.