Medical waste packaging bag


TISCO is a place of heroes. Both Li Shuangliang and Niu Guodong represent the spirit of the steel industry in some aspects; TISCO is the place to create "No. 1". Whether it is stainless steel, pen point steel, "hand tear steel", carbon fiber, etc., they are all breaking through the "bottleneck" problem in the material demand of the Republic; TISCO is also a model enterprise to stabilize the supply chain and ensure the security of resources. Whether it is iron ore or other nonferrous resources, it has sufficient and stable supply; TISCO is also a vibrant enterprise. After joining China Baowu, TISCO has a higher position and a wider space for action.   It can be said that China's iron and steel industry has formed a unique "TISCO phenomenon". The root of this phenomenon is that TISCO has long adhered to the courage to contribute, climb the peak and jointly build a high-quality iron and steel ecosystem.